VST Preset Generator

VPG Release 0.3.0 on Bastille Day

Version 0.3.0 is available with lots of changes!

Happy Birthday VPG!

To start this release announcement, VST Preset Generator is now 10 years old!

Just for fun, you can check an old screenshot at the first release announcement.

User Interface improvements

Back to the present, at release 0.3.0 the user interface has been reworked to simplify the workflow.

This is the new welcome panel:

The new Welcome Page

To change the value of parameter, you can use a rounded range control:

rounded range control

You can also change preset name via a context menu, and also remove preset or remove plugin from the list:

context menu example

List plugins and presets

You should have noticed that plugins can have many presets simultaneously:

plugin list with presets

Load preset values

You can now load a preset file (fxp or fxb), display its parameter values and create new variations based on this preset (FS#6).

Bug fixes

In addition, some bug fixed:

  • Set constant value and normal middle value similar (FS#33).
  • Fix weird character at the end of parameter names (FS#30).
  • Display parameter name for all plugins including non-chunk plugins (FS#14).


As usual, you can download the packages for Windows and Linux. Happy VPGing!

Published on Friday 14. July 2017