VST Preset Generator

VPG Release 0.2.7 on Music Day

Today is Make Music Day, perfect time for a new VST Preset Generator release!

In the release 0.2.7, new features:

  • A windows installer with windows application information
  • Preset bank default size is plug-in max program

Some bug fixes:

  • Plugin load speed improved. Even VST plugins with lots of parameters load in few seconds.
  • Fix parameter names display when switching from non-chunk plugin to chunk plugin
  • Fix value refresh when the random method is changed

And some minor changes:

  • Fix typo in French translation
  • Fix typo "licence" to "license"
  • Move documentation to asciidoc format
  • Versioning of VPG xml files

So this is the end of the 0.2.x release cycle and I will now target the 0.3.0 with the most requested feature: preset value loading capabilities.

When this feature will be released, you will be able to create variation around a given preset or merge two presets. Stay tuned!

Published on Tuesday 21. June 2016