VST Preset Generator

VPG Release 0.2.6 and move from SourceForge to TuxFamily

In the release 0.2.6, 64bit and 32bit application are released together.

  • vpg64.exe can open 64bit plug-ins
  • vpg32.exe can open 32bit plug-ins

Some bugs has been fixed, please see the release notes at the end of this news.

Big News: the legacy website at SourceForge is not used anymore. Everything redirects to the new url http://vst-preset-generator.org and hyperlinks in the software has been updated.

This move has taken about one month to migrate all the data (website, downloads, code repository, news, etc.).

It was enabled by the high quality hosting provided by TuxFamily. Thanks TuxFamily Team!

Logo TuxFamily

And bonus: VPG has its own Bug Tracker!

  • v0.2.6 - 10 May 2016
    • Change target name according to the platform:
      • 64bit: vpg64
      • 32bit: vpg32
    • Improve random generator with normal distribution.
    • Fix bug FS#15: Generation failed with plug-ins that does not support bank preset.
    • Update website and e-mail contact

Published on Wednesday 11. May 2016