VST Preset Generator

VPG Release 0.2.5

New release of the VST Preset Generator after almost 3 years!

Hence I'm proud to present you this new version.

The main feature is the 64 bit support for windows. You can finally generate random preset for your 64bits VST plugins.

I've also added Linux support, but I can't release an official build yet.

Official change log:

  • v0.2.5 - 29 March 2016
    • Release for Windows 64 bits and 32 bits
    • UI: move VstList Toolbar to the VstList panel
    • Update English and French translations. Also replace all vst/Vst by VST
    • Fix bug when compiling for 64bits machine (thanks to Anthony Leotta).
    • Linux support, but no official release yet
    • Use Qt5 static, no third party dependencies
    • Add automatic tests with a mock VST plugin

Download link: http://download.tuxfamily.org/vpg/0.2.5/

Feel free to send comments and feedbacks via the contact page!

Published on Tuesday 29. March 2016