VST Preset Generator

VPG Release 0.2.3

Screenshot release 0.2.3

Lots of new stuffs in this release. First, a language management system is ready, and french translation is already done.

Then lots of bugs have been fixed, see the change-log:

  • v0.2.3 - 02 October 2007
    • Can change the application's language at the beginning (currently only English and French)
    • changed the max of program in a bank (100 to 1000)
    • generation button in the tool bar
    • the colums of the parameters table are automatic resized.
    • button to assign the same random method to all parameters
    • button to assign random method and random values to all parameters (just for fun!)
    • use of the progress bar when generating a patch file
    • on close, don't ask to save the vst list if it's empty
    • No crazy progress bar behavior when you load a vpg file
    • Use a ini file to store the path of differents files (vst folder, vpg folder and fxb/fxp folder)
    • Can import VST parameters from a drag&drop of a dll or a patch file (spacedad idea)
    • change value in the parameter table in only one click (just to save life of your mouse ;) )

Most of these ideas come from the users, so thank you for using the VST Preset Generator and sending feedbacks!

Published on Tuesday 02. October 2007