VST Preset Generator

VPG Release 0.2.2

2 month after the last release, here is the next version !

The main changes concern the graphic design, in order to remove the freeze while loading big VST.

Screenshot release 0.2.2

Change Log:

  • v0.2.2 - 25 September 2007
    • graphic design changed
    • size of the executable optimized
    • Don't load a default file when start
    • The graphic images and icones are added as resources. Some of these come from the "Crystal Clear icon set" by Everaldo Coelho, under GNU Lesser General Public License
    • The list of parameters don't freeze when you load a big Vst, thanks to a table
    • The file type section is now in a popup box, that is shown when the generate button is clicked.
    • Only one command to import information from vst file or preset file, the software can detect the file type.

Published on Wednesday 26. September 2007