VST Preset Generator

VPG first official release 0.1.0

Here is the official first release of the VPG, the VST Preset Generator.

It a simple tool in order to create randomly generated preset file (fxp or fxb).

Screenshot release 0.1.0

The program needs an original preset file from your Vst, and reads some informations from it. Then you can choice a random range for each parameters of your synth (or effect) and the program generates new preset file (fxp or fxb). You just have to load this new file in your VST to try new sounds!

This first version doesn't work with VST using "opaque chunk method" in preset file because we can not know which data change which parameter... But in the future it will be solved!

Moreover you can save/load the list of VST which you've already opened.

We are looking for Beta-Tester and all remarks will be welcome, see the contact page.


Published on Wednesday 30. May 2007